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School installation monitoring system knowledge

Click: Time:2017-09-19 11:33:05

Today, in some large-scale teaching professions, certain monitoring devices are carried out. This is also a very good learning environment to ensure children's health. Therefore, there are many questions that the campus should consider when it comes to monitoring devices. There are six questions that need to be carefully considered in the campus installation monitoring equipment.


        First, after the device video monitoring system used to do?


   General device video surveillance has many uses. On some campuses, the main purpose of the video surveillance system is to maintain the group industry to reduce the loss of assets; while some campuses are more emphasis on maintaining the personal safety of students, so that the parents of the students are attentive to the children's every move on campus. With regard to nurseries, you can also use video surveillance to record the pictures on the Internet to children and moms and dads. The monitoring policy is different from the biased ones, and it directly determines the user’s emphasis on the convenience of real-time video and access to recorded video content. If you have a good look at the function of Internet access, then you need to pay special attention to the screen resolution is not based on the need to optimize adjustments.


  Second, do you now have tape recorders based on the VCR system?


   If you now have a tape system, then you can make full use of the existing camera and wiring system, which will save a lot of unnecessary expenses. However, you should also take this opportunity to review the number and arrangement of cameras you use. In addition, it also depends on you to install the video surveillance system from your own device. If you are a self-contained device, you need to understand the structure of the house and the common sense of wiring. Are you aware of the basic orientation of cabling and camera placement? If you are not using an IP network, then you need a coaxial cable to install it. Even if you do not use IP cameras, you also need to have people who understand the network technology to help you complete the network to watch and record video content. If you plan to use the integrator plan, have they had success stories similar to yours? How often does the video surveillance device demonstrated by these success stories last?


  Who will serve as technical support for the video surveillance system?


   Who will provide technical support for your existing IT environment? If you have such support, the use of the PC computer system will be more satisfactory. Some manufacturers will also provide technical support.


   Fourth, monitoring the type of infrastructure is what?


  Does the campus have multiple building requirements monitored? Are they geographically dispersed? If there are multiple buildings, do you want to gather guidelines for monitoring different orientations? If you want to gather to monitor all directions Policy, you have to think about the type of connection between the guidelines. The type and orientation of the infrastructure also affect the orientation of the camera arrangement. If the camera is placed outside the building, the demand building itself has a special security system. If you want to complete the camera to adjust the monitoring point of view, you need to purchase a camera with PTZ function (PanTiltZoom).


  5. What are the types of Internet connections between buildings and high-rise buildings?


  Today, there are many buildings on campus that may have fiber optic networks inside high-rise buildings. If this is the case, you may think about using IP cameras or perhaps hybrid IP cameras and traditional analog cameras. Although IP cameras are much more expensive than traditional analog cameras, the total cost is still superior.


  IP cameras do not require rated cabling, and only the network administrator can facilitate the installation. In addition, IP camera quotes will gradually decline. If you already have an imitation camera, but still want to use IP cameras, then you can think about creating a hybrid system that supports both cameras.


  6. What is your request for picture quality?


  Different video surveillance systems can support different resolutions and frames. Resolution is a reference specification for measuring picture quality, the higher the resolution the higher the picture quality will be. Frames Per second (fps) The number of frames (pictures) captured in one second. The higher the fps, the more connected the recorded picture. High frame rates can generally be used to monitor detail-oriented video, such as a casino that can use high frame rates.


  After answering these six questions, you have a good idea about choosing a video surveillance system. However, the decision to purchase video surveillance system elements is still very complicated, and it is also very simple to appear dross doubts. Campus accounting is generally not adequate, and the time spent on selecting the video surveillance system will be the maximum during these ten questions.

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