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Building a Security Alarm System

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Anti-theft alarm system equipment is usually divided into:

Front-end explorer, alarm manipulator. The alarm manipulator is a host (such as the computer's host) that controls the processing of wired/wireless signals, inspection of the system's own faults, some power supplies, signal input, signal output, and built-in dialers. An alarm controller in an anti-theft alarm system is essential. The front-end explorer includes: door magnetic switch, glass crusher, infrared explorer and infrared/microwave detector, pressing emergency call button.

The main types of burglar alarms are:

Telephone alarm

2. Infrared alarm

3. Sound and light alarm

4. Surveillance cameras

5. Infrared Prospector

6. Magnetic window magnetic

7. Infrared shot

8. Transformer burglar alarm

9. MMS alarm

10. Motion Detection Alarm

11. Smoke alarm

12. Fingerprint alarm

13.3g anti-theft alarm

The composition of the system

As the last and the most important one of the district's security defense systems, the home burglar alarm system utilizes automatic anti-theft electronic equipment. In unattended local areas, it uses electronic infrared exploration skills and various types of magnetic switches to determine illegal aggression practices. Or all kinds of gas leakage, through the control box horn or police lights on-site alarm, together with the police sent to the alarm base or the owners themselves through the public telephone network. Together, when someone is in a stressful situation at home, they may also send urgent distress messages to the community networked base and the owner via various wired and wireless pressing buttons or keyboards.

Anti-theft alarm host

Distinguishing the alarm signals transmitted from various kinds of explorers can be alarmed according to a preset alarm mode after being accepted into the alarm signal. Such as the launch of sound and light alarm, automatic dialing sets of alarm calls set up, if the district network alarm base that can be transmitted to the community alarm base. The alarm host is equipped with a remote controller that can remotely control the host.

Infrared security detector

The use of microcomputer digital signal technology, high stability of exploration equipment, innovative design. With temperature compensation, anti-white light, anti-electromagnetic interference, and eliminate a variety of false positives. When the intruder passes through the infrared surveyor, the infrared surveyor announces the signal to the alarm host, and the alarm host alarms immediately.

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