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Hotel Wireless WIFI Coverage Solution

Click: Time:2017-09-19 11:37:21

With the height of their smart terminals, the wireless network has become an important factor affecting the selection of hotels. The increasing number of modern hotels strive to build fast, secure, secure wireless networks and enhance the guests' occupancy experience. From the hotel's own operation and management perspective, the hotel needs wireless network to complete the hotel's various types of service wireless, hotel operation and maintenance efficiency and intranet security.

IP-COM hotel wireless solution integrates indoor coverage, indoor high belt machine, outdoor cover integrated wireless solution, to help the hotel to complete units, rooms, restaurants, large conferences, front desk lobby, outdoor leisure areas without covert. IP-COM has a self-supporting anti-disturbance skills, so that the security of the wireless network is optimal and enhances the wireless Internet experience of the guests.

The IP-COM wireless solution has many anti-disturbance skills, including anti-jamming function optimization, adaptive adjustment of RF signals, electromagnetic signal interference and evasion, intelligent adjustment of airtime, intelligent beamforming, accelerated packet processing, and garbage Packet filtering, intelligent spectrum analysis, etc., all ensure the stability of the wireless network and the user's online experience from the underlying Wi-Fi protocol.

IP-COM provides indoor in-wall guest room concealment solutions. In-wall APs can be completed with the hotel's original network panel to cover the room with no dead ends, and are perfectly compatible with the environment to prevent changes to the hotel's decorative personality and walls.

IP-COM has an indoor high-density belting solution based on the AC and AP density arrangement, which guarantees the opening of large-scale conference rooms, restaurants, bars with more than 500 employees, and supports the hotel's large-scale conference business entertainment.

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